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We offer a unique and personalized training option unlike any other in the Salem area. We offer privacy, nutritional direction, and guidance to our clients without the distraction or intimidation that often come with most gyms. We clear out our gym space during personal training hours, giving our personal training clients complete accessibility and attention. All personal training and small-group sessions are completed in a semi-private or private setting when scheduled during our personal training hours.

Goals may vary from the likes of weight loss, strength and conditioning, and/or sports performance. All trainers are NASM and/or NCSA certified, CPR/AED certified, and hold the experience to help a wide scope of clients reach their fitness goal(s). Check out the short videos down below and contact us with any personal training questions or interests!

Personal Training: Products

Weight Loss & Strength Gain

The first step when trying to conquer this type of goal is dedication. It's crucial that clients stay dedicated to the training programs that we create, but more importantly, to the nutritional information that we relay to them. As you may have heard many times before, you cannot out-train a bad diet. For that reason, we give our clients all the nutritional guidance and tools that we are licensed to give and provide them with templates that list an array of food choices to help make the process of changing eating habits easier. As for the training programs, we create them based directly on the clients' goals and use proven systems that we've learned, and continue to refine. We believe in challenging the mind and the body of our clients in a multitude of ways. By progressively being challenged, the results aren't just the results that our clients want, but they are what they need. All in all, healthy habits are created, safe resistance training techniques are learned and a strong mentality is built. 

Above is an example of how we can help you lose weight while also gaining strength and much more, help to create your best physical and mental self.

Overall Health & Complete Fitness

Most people want to be healthy and fit and need a personal trainer to safely push them to get there. We take it a step further and give our clients the motivation and expertise they prefer as well as the environment they deserve. 

The training system we use includes but is not limited to static flexibility/dynamic mobility, core activation techniques, balance/stability, cardiovascular/muscular endurance, and overall strength. The National Academy of Sports Medicine provides us with an overall balance of fitness and health that we believe is the ideal type of training for our clients. By including different areas of focus, we can challenge clients in various ways that will also help to avoid overuse injuries that often come with repeating constant movement patterns. We may focus more attention and spend more time in specific areas, but that's ultimately dependent on based the client's goals.

It’s our job to create the most ideal and safest plan of action for each client while teaching them along the way. We take our profession seriously and strive to give each client the results that they want, but more importantly what they need. It’s not a fast process, but it’s an everlasting one. It may take multiple months, a year, or even multiple years to see the results that you truly want, but by putting the work in with us the successful results are inevitable.

Athlete Foundation

The best athletes start training at a young age and never stop. They strive to challenge themselves year by year and find a way to turn their weaknesses into strengths. We believe that training should give athletes multiple variables that aim to improve their own weaknesses and/or holes that are visible in their personal abilities. Each athlete has a different starting point, different goals, and different areas where they need improvement. The most important thing is getting them started in training as soon as possible. This helps them get and stay ahead of the competition.

The training system we use for athletes includes but is not limited to static flexibility/dynamic mobility, core activation techniques, balance/stability, plyometrics, cardiovascular/muscular endurance, plyometrics/power, and overall strength and power. Each has its time and place depending on the athlete's level, sport, and ultimate goal. We try implementing each of those things in a young athletes program, with the main focus being the foundation. Creating a solid and lasting foundation is a crucial step for injury prevention and long term success. Above is an example of setting a foundation based on an athlete's goal(s), age, and level. 

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