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60-Day Challenges

BBS Fit includes our 60-Day Challenges. We move, move, and move some more in these all-around fitness classes. BBS Fit is the largest form of training we offer at the most affordable cost. Each week we'll progress and/or change exercises to ensure that clients' bodies are working harder than the previous week. When a 60-Day Challenge is completed, clients have the option to continue training and join the next 60-Day Challenge to set a new goal or stop completely! It's totally up to them! Each 60-Day challenge will involve new exercise knowledge, techniques, and workouts!

We try making our BBS Fit classes as enjoyable as possible, while still being challenging and effective. Whether you're just starting or experienced with training, sign up and join a class to enjoy the unique atmosphere and results that come with BBS Fit. Right now we offer a 5:30am & 5:30pm option for our BBS Fit classes. If you have a generalized goal of gaining overall fitness (losing body fat/building muscle) then BBS Fit is the option for you to try!

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